Functional Training Programs

Our range of Functional Training Programs 'cater for all'. With a broad range of styles, we have put together a program list to make sure we have something for everyone. 

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functional training program

This program is inspired by Crossfit and also general functional training. The programs main focus is constantly varied high intensity functional movements. This program allows us to not only increase in strength but also build our cardiovascular system. The ability to also train with both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres. 

Program Objective

Main Focus- Constantly varied high intensity functional movement, working the whole body. Increasing mobility, strength, conditioning, body awareness, speed, power, mental boundaries. 

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Strong man program

The strong man program has all the heavy lifting fun people would expect from a strong man program. The program is designed for lifting maximum load through a broad variety of movements and exercises. One of the best ways to gain natural strength by lifting heavy objects. There is very little cardio in this program as its main focus is lifting heavy load. 

Program Objective

Main Focus- Increase strength, Muscle mass, power, speed. 

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Military Program

This program is designed from the style of training that the Military soldiers would go though on a daily basis. 

Not for the faint hearted!!

This program is based of a Military style bootcamp workout. It consists of functional training with a lot of variety in movements and style such as body weight, explosive movements, plyometric, heavy lifting and combining them in different environments all to provide any potential real scenario that they could encounter out in the field. 

Program Objective

Main Focus- Work the whole body, Increase overall strength & Conditioning, Body awareness, Mobility, Speed, Power, Mental boundaries.  



The ninja warrior training program has all the challenging obstacles and exercises that you would go through if you where to train for any of the Ninja Warrior Competitions world wide. 

This program is a great all round training program that has a combination of explosive exercise, obstacle training exercises, which will help build straight, agility, power, accuracy and many other atributes you would need to take on the Ninja warrior challenge. 

Program Objective

Main Focus- Body weight strength. agility, control, body awareness, timing, speed, power.  

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The power lifting program is very similar to the strong man program in the sense of lifting heavy loads. However, Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: Deadlift, Back Squat, Bench Press. 

There are another 2 movements you can use in a power lifting format that I believe can be very beneficial. These 2 movements are the Overhead Press & Unweighted Regressed/Weighted  Pull. If you can not do a body weighted pull that does not mean you can't do the power lifting program you can still use the same format of the program just add in your regression weather it be resistance banded pull-ups or body weighted pull-ups, depending on your strength level. This would be a great way to build up strength and set yourself a goal of achieving a weighted pull-up. 

Program Objective

Main Focus- Increase strength, power, speed.