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George Angelis 

“My brief to Niko was simple;  make me into a beast!

After a back injury kept me inactive for several months, I was out of shape, tired, lethargic and mostly plodding through life uncomfortably. My clothes didn’t fit as well as they used to, my diet was shocking and I put on way too much weight.

Meeting Niko was the best thing. His initial program was to strengthen my weak back,  familiarise me with his way of training and to prepare my mind and body for what was to come.

Within a few short weeks of training with him, the weight started coming off, the belief in myself improved and my self-confidence came back. Niko was always there – guiding, teaching, yelling but most importantly believing in me. Because of that, he changed the way I started thinking about myself and soon enough, I started believing in myself.

Every aspect of my life started changing. I became more positive, enthusiastic and had loads more energy.

Today, training is a part of my day as is making mindful food choices. I look forward to training and I love seeing my progress. My body fat levels are still dropping, my technique and strength is improving and I keep wanting to challenge myself each session!

In short, I’m happy again. And Niko played a massive part in that!

Thanks Niko”