Strength & Conditioning 



athletic Performance & development sport specific

These programs are based on different sports to increase athletic performance and development. These programs have a verity of exercise components that will help improve areas such as Strength, Speed, Stamina, Mental strength, Acceleration, Deceleration, COD (Changes of Direction), Power, Athletic Instinct, Awareness, Agility, Control, Diversity and many more. 


functional training

Function training programs are all designed to combined exercises movements that mimic daily life activities. These are not always movement patterns used in every day life, but are able to increase strength and condition the body to get through the day easier. This is all achieved by building a stronger more fiscal body. 


body weight 

Body weight programs are great for multiple reasons. Through these movements you are able to increase strength, Increase mobility and flexibility through joint and muscular systems. Having the ability to train wherever you please and you do not need a gym to do a body weight workout.

Increasing body weight strength helps with daily living as you are able to move your body a lot easier. Body weight training increases your body weariness which also helps daily living and understanding your own body. 


plyometrics-training-photo 1.jpg


Plyometric training are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength). These exercises generally involve a lot of jumping movements, landing, catching, controlled falling qualities. Can help activate stabiliser  muscle groups to prevent injury. Great to add to all styles of training suck as athletic development, body wight, Functional, weight loss, muscle gaining.