On being a personal trainer

After teaching 3 ab classes, 2 HIIT trainings, a few F45 classes and keeping up with 11 clients, my week of work is done. This doesn't count the bike rides to and from work, the extra training I do for myself, and the hikes I get to on the weekends. 

If that type of lifestyle doesn't tire you out, I don't know what will. Sometimes I feel like I do more exercise in one week than certain people might do in a year... Good thing right? 

Lets introduce a term all fitness professionals are afraid of. BURN OUT. 

I'd be lying if I said I was unhappy in my job. Being a personal trainer allows me to have the flexibility to do what I love, and help others along the way. But, my one piece of advice to my clients, my friends and even myself, is this... 

Know the difference between WELLNESS and FITNESS. 

These are two very different things. 

I have some clients that train so hard, they never allow themselves to rest or recover. If they go away on holiday for a week, they make sure to work out everyday, and stay within their strict diet plan. This is contrary to the point of a vacation is it not? To give the body rest? 

The idea of rest, is something fitness professionals have to remember to incorporate into their daily lives, and it’s even harder for us, with a 4:30am wake up call and the need to always be ‘switched on’. So- rest, sleep, and a day lazing in the garden may be more beneficial to your health some weeks than a workout at 6:00am. 

Many people may disagree with me on this subject, as exercise is a MAJOR part of wellness. But when does it become too much? For fitness professionals, and individuals… 

I have tried to teach my clients the value of training, and training hard. This will give you results, and exercising regularly will increase your health and fitness levels. YAY! But, my other important lesson that I’ve learnt personally, is to remember that working out should not be about how many calories you've burned this session, or about the amount of hours you’ve made it to the gym this week. It should be about creating a stronger healthier you, so you can live your life to the best of your ability.  

So from one exercise lover to another, remember to rest, read, stretch, eat and always brush your teeth. Because fitness is only ONE component on your path towards wellness.


*disclosure: the above is general guide, opinion and recommendation only – it is advisable to seek out further information from a GP or physician if you have any medical/health conditions or concerns.

By Marissa Willcox